Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 represent approximately 18 per cent of today’s global population, signifying the largest youth cohort in history. There are currently 65 million young people in Indonesia, ranging from the age of 15 to 24 – the largest generation of young people that Indonesia has ever seen.  They are increasingly mobilizing and impacting social policy dialogue within their communities as well as at the global level. In response, the international community has recognized Indonesian youth contributions and potential for greater participation by encouraging the inclusion of youth voices in international relation and development agenda.

Indonesian Youth Diplomacy (IYD) is a youth-run, youth-led organization that raises awareness and builds capacity among Indonesian youths aged 16 - 30 on international affairs, networking skills and diplomacy. IYD has helped the Indonesian government in empowering Indonesia’s bright young minds in becoming active players in international diplomacy and engaging impassioned young people in the subjects of the Group of 20, international economy, politics, development and foreign affairs.

Meet the Diplomats is one of the top priority program under this year IYD’s annual plan. It is a platform for sharing knowledge, engaging foreign policy influencers, government officials, International Government Organizations (IGOs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and other international actors in dialogues with Indonesian youths. IYD will work together with colleagues from French and British Embassies in discussing specific development issues and other related issue revolving around youth. You will be given the opportunity to debate and discuss with diplomats from respective Embassies and high-level decision makers and learn on diplomacy in practice, have a voice, and increase their networking skills with a diverse diplomatic community.

We are eager to welcome young people to join us at the event and we are looking for bright and passionate young people to come to our Meet the Diplomats program!