Countdown to Y8 and Y20: Indonesian Delegations Meet with the G20 Sherpa!

Y20 and Y8 Delegation Meets Mr. Mahendra Siregar, Indonesia’s Sherpa to the G20

by Andhyta Firselly Utami

Just a few hours before flying to Moscow for the Y20 Summit, Andhyta Firselly Utami and Dito Krista were welcomed with pleasure by Mr. Mahendra Siregar, Indonesia’s Sherpa to G20, along with the Y8 delegation (represented by Dirgayuza Setiawan and Desi Hanara), as well as Marsha Sugana and I Ketut Adiputra as the alumni members. Throughout the two-hour insightful discussion, six of them addressed their concerns and questions in regards with Indonesia’s condition and position in the international context, to which Mr. Mahendra gladly answered.

Y8 represented by Dirgayuza (HoS) and Desi (M of Justice), Y20 by Andhyta (HoS) and Dito (M of Environment) along with OC representatives Adi and Marsha

Amongst many other topics, the discussion revolves around the issue of sustainable development and international financial architecture reform, which will also be the key debates in the St. Petersburg forum this Tuesday.

According to Mr. Mahendra, Indonesia has to be strategic in addressing these issues. It is not merely a matter of national interest, said he, but also how we can look at the problem from a global perspective, and contribute more as citizens of the world.

When it comes to sustainable development, it is important to find the balance between economic growth and environmental protection. Although in certain conditions, Indonesia as a nation needs to prioritize its interest and policies in order to achieve them—otherwise we would not move anywhere. As the Minister of Finance, Mr. Mahendra advises the young minds to look at how the finance sector is a crucial element of the nation’s development.

This week, Indonesian delegation to the Y20 starts their Summit activities in Russia. Next week, Indonesian delegation to the Y8 depart for the UK to contribute their insights and expertise in their respective ministerial positions. Good luck!