Happy New Year! Network Changes Anncouncement

Happy New Year! 

G20 Youth Indonesia sincerely wishes all of you a great start in 2013. We have been busy the past month with significant and exciting changes to the way we work, to be announced gradually in this website.

New logo for The IDEA global network
We would like to announce exciting new development from our global network, The International Diplomatic Engagement Association ("The IDEA"), formally the G8 & G20 Youth Network. G20 Youth Indonesia has been working closely with our partners from 18 other countries and the EU to carry on this network refresh.

The International Diplomatic Engagement Association (The IDEA) is a collective of not-for-profit, youth-led organisations from around the world. Some are think tanks, some are charities, some are civil society groups, but they all have one thing in common: they all want to put young people at the heart of the global agenda.

Whether it's action on climate change, restructuring the financial system or tackling the most challenging topics in international affairs, young people need to be engaged in the solution. The IDEA is the only organisation in the world that is fully and solely committed to giving young students and professionals a platform on which to debate these issues, and a way in which to step these up to the world stage.

The IDEA is made up of ascending leaders from around the world, from many different backgrounds and heading into a range of careers. Originally known as The G8 & G20 Youth Network, in 2006, our main focus was to organise the annual G8 & G20 Youth Summits, which brought together ascending leaders at the fringe of the G8 and G20 summits. 

Since 2006, we have held these prestigious events in Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Canada and the United States. These flagship events continue under the new name of the Y8 and Y20 Summits.

In 2012, we became The International Diplomatic Engagement Association (The IDEA), to reflect the growing desire of young leaders to build bridges beyond our major annual summits. Our mission is to unite young leaders from around the world, and to facilitate their involvement in, and impact on, global issues through open dialogue and engaging diplomacy.

From Italy to Indonesia, South Africa to Saudi Arabia and the UK to the USA, our partners empower young people on every continent and recruit the best and brightest to represent their countries on the world stage. Over the past seven years, we have trained and empowered over a thousand ascending leaders, who have all gone on to pursue leadership challenges at home and abroad.

Where is The IDEA?
Our head-quarters are worldwide, with organisational bases in two dozen countries and alumni from over a hundred different nations. We are a truly global organisation.

Our flagship projects are the Y8 and Y20 summits (formerly known as the G8 & G20 Youth Summits). In 2013, the Y20 Summit will take place in St Petersburg (17-21 June) to reflect the Russian Presidency of the G20, and will be the only official youth event of the Russian Government. Likewise, the Y8 Summit will take place in London (24-28 June) to reflect the UK Presidency of the G8.

For more information about the Y20 in St Petersburg, click here. For more information about the Y8 in London, click here