G20 Youth Summit 2013: Updates to the Application Timeline

Photo credit: George Mason University
The G20 Youth Indonesia Recruitment team would like to announce changes to the 2013 application timeline. These changes were made to accommodate unexpected logistical challenges faced by the 2013 Summit in St. Petersburg.

We are working closely with our partners in Russia, the G20 Youth Network as well as the Indonesian government to resolve the issue by the end of the year.

Revised Application timeline*:

9      December 2012 : Deadline for Essay Submission (Round 2)
21    December 2012 : Notification of Shortlisted Candidates
7-18 January 2013     : Interviews (Round 3)
30    January 2013     : Final delegation announced

*= G20 Youth Indonesia reserves the right to change this timeline in response to unexpected challenges should they occur.

We would like to thank the amazing enthusiasm showed by our applicants as well as Indonesian youth in general.

Please send all questions and comments to contact@g20youthindonesia.org