2013 Recruitment Process: Round 1

The G20 Youth Indonesia team during our November 4 Jakarta meeting with honorary guest Patrick Wei.
Photo credit: Patrick Wei

The G20 Youth Indonesia team would like to thank Indonesian youth for the very encouraging response to our call for applications! We have started the one-week grading process for round 1 (Application form and CV). Did you submit yours and wonder how exactly are we grading it?

First, we are dividing all applicants into the six different committee and assign two of our members to grade each one. Each committee's selection process is done independently.

2013 Recruitment Graders:
Head of State: Ariana Alisjahbana & Pradita Astarina
Sherpa: Syahid Deradjat & Natasha Ardiani
Ministry of Economy: Rully Prassetya & Zenathan Adnin
Ministry of Finance: Adi Putra & Marsha Sugana
Ministry of Environment: Disty Winata & Safrian Farizi
Ministry of Development: Sofwan Hakim &  Ghufron Mustaqim

All applicants will be graded by both assigned team members listed above and averaged out between the two in each committee. Since each committee's selection process is done independently,  all applicants who applied for two committee positions will be viewed by a total of four G20 Youth Indonesia graders.

Example: Candidate A is applying as Head of State and Sherpa. She will be graded by both Ariana and Pradita for consideration into the Head of State position and she will be graded by both Syahid and Natasha for the Sherpa position. Candidate A's results in the Head of State committee does not influence her results in the Sherpa committee.

Graders do not have the right to grade applicants they are friends with. Such applicants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by another grader who is not familiar with the applicant.

How do we technically assess the applicants? We use indicators to weigh each question (Q1-5) in the application form and for the resume. The application form is 40% of the total score and the resume counts for 60%. Indicators for the resume include Education, Work & Organizational Experience, Achievements, and Conference & Seminars, each with a weight that counts towards the total.

Each committee will have 20% of its applicants proceed to the second round. To learn more, a detailed documentation of last year's recruitment can be found here. Please send all questions, comments and feedback to contact@g20youthindonesia.org.