What's Next?

by Syahid Deradjat and Sofwan Hakim

The G20 Youth Summit 2012 was a success, it is now time for the delegates to get back on their daily routines. However, our journey is far from finished. It is time for the Indonesian delegation to report and present their communiqué to the Indonesian government and connect back with our sponsors. 

Marsha Sugana flew for more than 30 hours from the United States and Disty Winata crossed the continents to get back home from Canada. Some of us spent extra days in the US for sightseeing before returning home. The post-Summit agenda is waiting: to share our experiences with AlumnAS as our funder and present the Summit results to the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning.

Pradita Astarina (center) and Marsha Sugana (second from the right) shared their experiences with the AlumnAS board

Pradita Astarina and Marsha Sugana had lunch with the AlumnAS board members including Mr. Hassan Soejono, the current AlumnAS president. In the very casual atmosphere at the Pacific Place mall, our delegation shared a valuable experience in Washington DC, discussed the Summit agenda, and presented the final communique to the AlumnAS. AlumnAS is one of the main sponsors for the 2012 Indonesian delegation to the Summit. The board members expressed their interest in the Indonesian delegates' achievements in each committee. AlumnAS has agreed to tighten the relationship with the G20 Youth Indonesia and is ready to support the 2013 delegates.  

Disty Winata (left), Syahid Deradjat (second from the right), Sofwan Hakim (right) with the Indonesian
Minister of National Development Planning
In another place at the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) building in the Menteng area, I got together with two OC members Disty Winata and Sofwan Hakim. We had the opportunity to meet and to present the communique to the Minister of National Development Planning, Prof. Armida Alisjahbana, and some of the agency's top officials. The minister praised the spirits of the young generation on the international diplomacy  and stated that this kind of international exposure is very important to shape strong Indonesian future leaders. Bappenas officials put a special attention to the Indonesian delegation selection process which they deemed  "professionally conducted." Bappenas' top officials also show their supports to facilitate the integration of the G20 Youth Indonesia with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the 2013 G20 Summit in Russia.

A couple weeks after, the delegates visited the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The delegates were welcomed by Mr. Toffery Primanda, Director of Development, Economic, and Environmental Affairs who is in charge of G20 affairs. Mr. Primanda was impressed by how the G20 Youth Summit Indonesian Organizing Committee managed its selection process and prepared the delegates to the Summit, he also offered further cooperation with the committee for the next Summit. They hope to work together with us to conduct youth outreach on the G20 and its programs.

After the these visits, the Indonesian delegation is scheduled to continue our 'roadshow' to Ministry of Education & Culture and Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. 

The Summit and the Indonesian delegation have received media attention from the Jakarta Globe, Young On Top website, Media Pertamina and made into several national television channels.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to G20 Youth Indonesia's updates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/G20YouthIndonesia