Welcoming 10 IYD Ambassadors to IYD Board 2018-19

We are pleased to announce that, after a rigorous selection process and over three-month probation period, our IYD family welcomes 10 new members into our 2018-19 Board as IYD Ambassadors. For the first time ever, IYD expands its membership admission beyond Y20 Summit recruitment.

Our selection committee was very impressed with our Ambassadors’ accomplishments in such a young age. Broadening our membership to youths outside our traditional Y20 Summit representation has been a vision we keep dearly for many years back. This reflects our commitment to stay inclusive and relevant to an even younger cohort of passionate and accomplished individuals.

From a 17 years old student leader to an environmental activist to a new recruit in a top consulting company, join us in welcoming the following ten top talents into IYD!

Alexander Randika Pratama (Public Affairs)

Since his childhood, Randi has been active participating in various activities, including competitive sports, math olympiad, debating to singing competitions. Last year in August 2018, he represented the East Java province and won the gold and silver medal in a Church Choir Competition held in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

Due to his greater interest in the arts and design, Randi continued his bachelors degree education in the study of Visual Communication Design at the State University of Malang. During his studies at the State University of Malang, he actively organized and was trusted to serve as Deputy Chairperson II and Board of Trustees of the Organization of the Catholic Family Association of the State University of Malang. In addition, during his studies in college, he continued to participate in various competitions and began to be involved in various volunteering activities. One of them was as an Indonesian representative for the Busan Choral Competition and Festival in 2014, and as a volunteer for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in 2015.

During late 2018, Randi decided to move to Jakarta and is currently undergoing an internship program in Satu Data Indonesia, Indonesia Presidential Staff Office as a Design Specialist. He is responsible for managing visual data used in various data content on social media and presentations.

In his leisure time, Randi spends his time gathering with friends, listening to music and traveling to various places. He is also a fan of detective novels (especially Agatha Christie)!


Angela Monalisa (Business Affairs)

Angela Monalisa (Nana) is a final year Accounting student at Universitas Indonesia. Other than maintaining her daily life as a student, her extracurricular activities include being a lecturer assistant and an Executive Board of SPA FEB UI, an accounting student association in her university. At times, she also helps out researches held by Lembaga Demografi FEB UI. Her keen interest in research has brought her to present her work in South Korea.

Professionally, she has interned in Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, helping to map out the advancement of financial access in one of Indonesia’s province. She was also chosen to be an INKOMPASS intern, a global internship program. During her global internship period in INKOMPASS, she has contributed in a digital marketing project in markets outside Indonesia.

She is now enjoying her last bits of university life, taking activities here and there to expand her knowledge and get to know more and more people. That’s why, other than IYD, she is also part of the CPA Australia Student Ambassador and Deloitte Grand Ambassador network.

Like the average college student, Nana likes to read books, watch Netflix, and scroll the Twitter timeline on her car trips.


Anggi Nurqonita (Public Affairs)

Anggi Nurqonita is currently a social media officer of Australia Indonesia Youth Association.  In August 18, she accomplished her bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, from Universitas Indonesia. She is passionate in journalism and art. In 2016-2017 she was an ASEAN Korean Network correspondent. Her interest towards videography drives her to be the 1st Winner of UNESCO Multimedia Contest 2018. 

Anggi is keen in environmental issues. In 2015, she co-founded Eudosis, a social enterprise which produce souvenirs made of recycled plastic waste. Her interest towards the environment drives her and her team to be placed as the Top 10 National UN Global Pulse Big Data on the Climate Change Contest. Prior to that, in 2013 she was selected as the Asia Pacific TUNZA Eco Generation Ambassador. During her leisure time, she loves watching movies and reading.

Image 11-23-18 at 5.34 PM.jpg

Cahyani Anisa Dewi (Project Management)

Cahyani Anisa Dewi graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) with a B.Sc. in Accounting. During her studies, she received a full-scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education for ASEAN International Mobility for Students to study in Mahidol University, Thailand. She also received a full-scholarship from WU Vienna-UGM Partnership for an International Summer School Program.

She started her career in the consulting field by joining The Boston Consulting Group as a project specialist. Prior to that she interned in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu as a financial advisor. Her experiences allowed her to work closely with people from various countries and backgrounds. Cahyani is actively involved in an international youth organization to support the SDGs in quality education. She is also involved in several community development projects focusing on literacy and community development. Her recent project under Universitas Gadjah Mada allows her to improve the economic activities in one of the rural areas in Yogyakarta.

Meanwhile in her spare time, she enjoys travelling and photography.

photo ivan 2.jpg

Ivan (Business Affairs)

Ivan, 18 years old, is a first-year Economics student at Universitas Indonesia with a full merit-based scholarship from Sea Undergraduate Scholarship. Having earned many achievements and leadership experiences, he is the elected leader of his batch major of 2018. He is also now an intern at Kajian Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Indonesia FEB UI, analyzing a wide range of economics issues under the Economics Studies Division.

He has always managed to be distinct amongst his peers since high school. He was the leader of his school’s debating club and have championed some tournaments such as ALSA Courtlike Debate Championship in 2017 and Banten Indonesian National Schools Debating Championship in 2016. On his senior year, he founded and led the first year of Gading Serpong Model United Nations Club, which managed to win 14 awards during the year. Outside academics, he also joined his school’s choir, which managed to win the Gold Medal at Penabur International Choir Festival 2017. Moreover, he also actively joined in the Student Council for four consecutive years, which gave him confidence in leading and working collectively.

His interest in international issues and diplomacy has brought him to Model United Nations. He won Best Delegate at Indonesia Model United Nations 2018 and he has been selected to represent Universitas Indonesia in the 2019 Harvard World Model United Nations in Madrid, Spain next year.

During his free time, he enjoys volunteering for good causes and singing.

Foto_Laras Salsabila 2.jpg

Laras Salsabila (Project Management)

Laras Salsabila is a fourth-year student of Bogor Agricultural University majoring in Communications and Community Development. Apart from being a student, she is a part-time intern at The ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on Disaster Management (AHA Centre) and she has been involved in several joint researches namely Australia-Indonesia Centre’s Urban Water Cluster and IndOrganics – an Organic farming research.

Laras is also a Vice President of IPB Debating Community. Being an active debater helps Laras to be a more open-minded person and respect others’ viewpoints. Joining the scene of Model United Nations in 2015, Her first International MUN was in the United Nations Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland where she was able to snatch the Honorable Mention award in 2016, then as Best Delegate in Binus 2016, Verbal Commendation both in Bali World 2017 and CityU Hong Kong 2018, and Most Outstanding Delegate in UII 2018. She managed to snatch the Best Poster Presentation at TRI-U Joint Seminar Japan 2017 and also awarded as the Third Most Outstanding Student of Bogor Agricultural University 2018. 

Beside academic and non-academic routines, Laras is also active in volunteering work, where she has ample opportunities to solve community problems. Every Sunday morning, she spares her time for voluntary activity – teaching kids in a community (named Geng Bacaku) nearby campus. 

Her dream job is to work at UNDP and she is planning to continue pursuing MPhil degree in Development Studies, University of Oxford.

Muh. Wildan Teddy Bintang P. Has 2.jpg

Muh. Wildan Teddy Bintang P. Has (Government Affairs)

Muh. Wildan Teddy Bintang P. Has is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Law at Universitas Indonesia. Grew up witnessing violence against women and children has made him a feminist and an advocate for women’s rights. He has been actively involved in the area of human rights since 2014 when he became a teaching volunteer for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

His passion towards women’s rights has inspired him to do something for the community. Teddy was a legal service volunteer at LBH APIK Jakarta (a legal aid which works on gender justice) where he assisted clients who face violence. He also became a legal fellow at Justice Without Borders whose job was assisting clients (migrant workers from Indonesia) to get compensation. Back in campus, Teddy is involved in Hope Helps (the first crisis center for sexual violence in campus in Indonesia) as a staff of advocacy.

Teddy is also passionate in conducting research. He presented his paper about access to justice for indigenous people in the biennial Indonesian Judicial Reform Forum 2018. Recalling challenges faced by women, he is also passionate in the issue of poverty and climate justice. It has brought him to speak at Blue Carbon Summit 2018 about his research on impoverishment of fisherwomen.

Teddy is currently working with his team on his long-awaited dream to build an organization named Child and Youth Initiative. This entity works to tackle domestic violence (within marriage and other intimate relationships) by giving children and youth knowledge and conduct research about it.


Natasya Fila Rais (Government Affairs)

Natasya Fila Rais is a law student, author, researcher, and a former child actress. She has published two young adult novels titled “Ephemerae” and “Acabella” in 2017. Natasya was awarded as the Best Delegation of the Political Committee at the 2nd Model ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly 2018. She was also honored as an academic paper presenter at the 1st International Conference on Law and Justice 2017 held by UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Her academic publications on human rights and foreign policy were published in several journals, such as Atlantis Press Proceeding, JURIS Law Journal, and ISAFIS Journal.

Natasya has always been active in speaking up about gender equality through her articles, which are published on Magdalene, the Affinity Magazine, and Women’s Republic. She is currently active as the Research and Development Staff on both Foreign Policy Community Indonesia chapter Universitas Indonesia (FPCI UI) and Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS). In her spare time, Natasya channels her musicality through song covers which can be found on her social media. Natasya is currently pursuing Bachelor’s Degree at Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia.

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Thomas Noto Suoneto (Development Affairs)

Thomas Noto is currently the Director for Special Projects and Institutional Relations at the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI), the largest foreign policy group in Indonesia working to promote positive nationalism and smart internationalism. He successfully managed important projects such as the Asian Scholars and Experts Visit to North Korea in April 2018, CEO Breakfast Meeting with Indonesian Ministers and the Conference on Indonesian Foreign Policy (CIFP). Prior joining FPCI, he was a research assistant.

He obtained his Bachelor of International Relations Degree from Binus University in the studies of Multinational Corporations and East Asian Region. He was the recipient of several awards from the university during his studies such as the Best Delegate and Speaker at the Asia-Europe Meeting in Singapore, Honorable Mention Delegate at the TUMUN in Bangkok and several prizes from writing, debating and speech competitions. 

During his bachelor studies, he has taken on a number of leadership positions, being selected as the first Secretary General of The Bina Nusantara International Relations Dialectic Society – a student organization founded to serve as a forum for discussion and debating topical issues of national and international concerns. In 2017, he was chosen as the President of Model ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in the Indonesian House of Representative. In the same year, he was elected as one of SCG Young Leaders and Board of Judges at the International Youth Leaders Forum (IYLF). Previously, he is the representative of the university to the Asia Pacific Model United Conference in Perth, Australia. 

Yobella Priskila 2.jpg

Yobella Priskila (Development Affairs)

Yobella Priskila, 21 years old, is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Science and Technology from Pharmacy at Bandung Institute of Technology. During her study, she was one of the grantees of PT Daewoong Pharmaceutical Scholarship. Besides her interests in health, she also likes to explore marketing and business by taking part in business plans and business case competitions. A resilient person, she became the top 5 in Sampoerna's Finance Day Grand Business Challenge 2018 and top 5 in Pitch First Competition 2018 that was felt by Prasetya Mulya University.

Yobella realized that building soft skills and personal development is important for herself. Therefore, she was involved in a number of organizations. She became the chief of sponsors division for OSKM ITB 2017 which is a welcoming event for freshmen ITB. She has funded money to support the event by collaborating with companies including FMCG and unicorn startups in Indonesia. In StudentsCatalyst she became the Director of Human Resources, that help to provides an incubator for top performers of college students to their shape path throughout college years. She was also one of the alumni of 2017 held by McKinsey & Co which is a 6-month leadership program to build leadership skills. During her free time, she enjoys playing basketball, cooking, and baking.