Shortlisted Candidates

Y20 Summit 2018 Argentina

Breaking news, everyone! We are delighted to announce the top 15 candidates that have made it to the interview round! With a 0,4 acceptance rate, 130+ applicants from 500+ registrants from the early round have undergone a series of tough and thorough review by our grading committee. We would like to draw your attention that this year, based on the regulation of the Argentina Organising Committee, we will send only two (2) Indonesian youths to represent our country in the Y20 Summit. In-country expenses in Cordoba, Argentina, will be borne by the host country. 

Congratulations for the shortlisted candidates! Look forward to our email for further steps. For those who have not made it to the next round, we greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and hard work. Your willingness to apply is applaudable and we hope that more people will be inspired to give it a shot. We look forward to receiving your applications next year! :)

p.s. names are listed in alphabetical order

Shortlisted Candidates 2018


2018 IYD and Y20 Summit Recruitment

Indonesian Youth Diplomacy (IYD) is the official Indonesian youth representative to the G20 Youth Summit, namely Y20 Summit, and an official Youth Focal Point to the Indonesia’s G20 Sherpa. We are now pleased to announce our call for application to be part of the Indonesian Delegation to the Y20 Summit 2018 on August 13th to 19th 2018 in Córdoba, Argentina.

In the past, IYD has consistently recruited high-profile Indonesian youths to participate and to attend the Y20 Summits since 2010, when the Summit was first held in Vancouver, Canada. Ever since then, our official delegations have been sent to subsequent Summits: Paris, France (2011) Washington D.C., United States of America (2012); Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation (2013); Sydney, Australia (2014); Istanbul, Turkey (2015); Beijing – Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China (2016) and most recently Berlin, Germany (2017). Other than the official Y20 Summit, our delegates were also engaged in Y8 Summit 2013 as one of the invited countries in London, United Kingdom. In undergoing its recruitment, IYD maintains its ties and close consultations with Indonesia’s Sherpa to G20, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and beginning this year, with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

It is noteworthy that the Y20 Summit is the legitimate and official platform for youths from across G20 countries to engage in policy discussion on the most pressing G20-related global issues and, more importantly, generate new and innovative solutions which will be presented in the form of a Communiqué to the G20 Leaders' Summit for consideration in their discussion. Given that youth makes up a significant percentage of the world’s population, it is essential that our perspective and ideas are acknowledged to foster democratic and informed policy-making processes.

This year, the G20 Youth Summit or Y20 Summit will take place in Córdoba as part of The Argentinian Government Presidency for the G20 Summits in 2018. The theme for the G20 Summit 2018 is: Building Consensus for Fair and Sustainable Development. We extend our call for application to all aspiring young leaders to represent the country at the Y20 Argentina 2018 and, consequently, be a part of IYD’s growing network. The individuals selected will represent Indonesia for the full-course of the Y20 Summit 2018 for 7 days.


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Detailed Requirements


An Indonesian delegate to the Y20 Summit 2018 must be:

  • An inspirational young Indonesian citizen (undergraduate or graduate student, recent graduate, or young professional in Indonesia or abroad) from either the public, private and/ or civil society sectors;
  • Aged between 18 and 29 years old at the time of the Y20 Argentina 2018;
  • Has a clear understanding of the G20, especially the Leaders’ Summit and the Y20 Summit;
  • Fluent in spoken and written English;
  • Strong leadership experience and excellent track record;
  • Fully committed to participate and contribute enthusiastically in all the sessions of the Y20 Argentina 2018;
  • Committed to take part in organizing, preparing and attending IYD events, including the pre- and post-Summit commitments; and
  • Medically fit to travel to the Y20 Argentina 2018.


  • Be a part of Indonesian Youth Diplomacy active members by proactively contributing to the future of the IYD organization and its events;
  • Engage with fellow Indonesian delegates to host and run consultations with the Indonesian youths in representing the views of young people across the country;
  • Liaise with IYD members and fellow delegations to contribute to pre-summit discussions with delegates from other countries in the period prior to the Summit;
  • Participate actively in the Y20 Summit;
  • Contribute in forming policy recommendations (in the form of a Communiqué) for the G20 leaders on behalf of G20 Youth;
  • Generate wider community understanding and recognition of the work of the Y20 and the G20 in Indonesian youth communities; and
  • Follow up on policy recommendations and action plans coming out of the Y20 Summit and conduct wider consultations.

Please note that successful applicant will need to provide a copy of passport (Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the last day of the Summit).


Applicants are advised to follow our social media handles on instagram (@iyouthdiplomacy), twitter (@iyouthdiplomacy), and facebook (Indonesian Youth Diplomacy). We will frequently update the various channels to assist you on how to prepare your candidacy for the Y20 Summit. You will also be able to participate in youths polling on issues that will be presented by the final delegation.


Application Process

The application process of the Indonesian delegation to the Y20 Argentina 2018 consist of three stages. The first round starts by filling out an online form with personal information and a statement to apply to Y20 Summit and IYD Community Member. The second round involves the submission of a resume, motivation letter, and a technical essay on one of the three G20 topics provided. Top applicants will be invited for the final interview round.

The deadline for the first and second round application is February 15th 2018 at 23:59 PM (GMT + 7 hours).

Notification of the shortlisted candidates will be announced on February 25th 2018. The shortlisted candidates will proceed to the next application stage and invited to an in-person interview. The final results will be announced by the first week of March 2018.

Start your application by clicking on the START MY APPLICATION below and follow carefully the instructions thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please review our FAQ for further information.

Should you have any questions, please email us at

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Note: if you have filled in this form in previous years, you do not need to fill it out again this year.

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NEW: Nominate A Young Leader

This year, you can nominate someone whom you think can best represent Indonesian youth's voice! You can simply fill out the form with the contact details of your nominee and a short description why you think this person possesses all the outstanding qualities to be Indonesia's face in the Y20 Summit!

Nominees must have credible and outstanding contributions in their respective industry and posess all the required eligibility criteria set out in this page. Nominations will be reviewed by IYD panel and will be invited to submit their applications. All nominees must undergo the application process him/herself to be considered further in the recruitment process.