2018 IYD Ambassador Programme

In the spirit of broadening IYD’s board membership, we are opening a Young Ambassadors Programme. Ambassadors will be the fresh faces of IYD who will coordinate for our day-to-day management, act as the officers to the organizations, and represent IYD to campus activities. Ambassadors will be attached to IYD’s Board Managers or Co-managers and are responsible to their specified functions. 10 positions are open for the year 2018-2019. These positions are separate from Y20 delegation recruitment.



General Eligibility Requirements:

  • Well-accomplished Indonesian youths, aged 18-25;

  • Fluent in spoken and written Bahasa Indonesia and English;

  • Strong leadership experience and excellent track record;

  • Eight positions are open to those residing in Jabodetabek, while two may participate remotely.

How to Apply:

Send your two-page resume and a one-page cover letter explaining your suitability to the positions. Both files need to be put in one .pdf document and sent via email to info@indonesianyouthdiplomacy.org with the subject line: IYDAmbassador_AppliedPositionCode_CompleteName, for example: IYDAmbassador_PM_BiondiSima.

Deadline to apply is June 30, 2018, at 23.59, Jakarta time.

Position Codes are as follows: Project Management (PM), Development Affairs (DA), Government Affairs (GA), Business Affairs (BA), Public Relations (PR).

What to Expect out of This Programme:

  • Organizational experience in one of the most rigorously selective youth organization.

  • Opportunity to advocate for and work closely with youth and G20 issues.

  • Exposure to IYD’s Y20 patrons and extensive networks, both domestically and accross G20 member states.

  • Primary access to all IYD events and activities.

  • Official attestation and endorsement from IYD and Indonesia’s Sherpa to G20.

  • Disclaimer: All positions are voluntary organizational experience. IYD will not provide financial remuneration to the work performed. IYD Ambassadors programme is separate from Y20 Delegation recruitment.



Project Management (PM)

  1. Actively provide feedback and creative strategy to both existing and new projects,

  2. Formulate suitable strategies and objectives for IYD events (Pre-Post Summit Public Events; Meet the Diplomats; other IYD Offline Events),

  3. Organize and monitor IYD events and activities,

  4. Assume responsibility for IYD event partners, participants and logistical vendors (if any),

  5. Assist in developing and overseeing deadlines and budgets for activities,

  6. Assess all events performance and prepare mini report post events for Co-chairs,

  7. Specific skills and requirements: project management, reporting and budgeting skills; must reside in Jabodetabek.







Government Affairs (GA)

  1. Engage internally with other IYD Board Managers and Co-Chairs and oversee government relations related work,

  2. Liaise with government officials, including foreign government and embassy representatives in Indonesia,

  3. Conduct research and monitor legislation regarding youth and G20 issues,

  4. Actively seek new government partnerships and track happenings in public affairs that could affect IYD,

  5. Conduct both internal and external communications regarding government affairs,

  6. Participate in financial matters including budgeting and management in relations to government related work,

  7. Assess all government related event performance and prepare a mini report post events for Government Affairs Co-managers,

  8. Coordinate with Public Relations officers with government relations related work,

  9. Specific skills and requirements: preferably someone with prior experience in public affairs with excellent communications skills, must reside in Jabodetabek.


Public Relations (PA)

  1. Develop a marketing communications plan including strategy, goals, and budget,

  2. Develop media relations strategy, seeking visible placements in print, broadcast and online media,

  3. Lead graphic designing for IYD events,

  4. Coordinate all public relations activities,

  5. Direct social media team to engage audiences across traditional and new media,

  6. Leverage existing media relationships and cultivate new contacts within the media industry,

  7. Manage media inquiries and interview requests,

  8. Create content for press release,

  9. Monitor, analyze and communicate PR results on a quarterly basis,

  10. Evaluate opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising on an on-going basis,

  11. Build relationships with thought leaders to grow youth-related awareness,

  12. Specific skills and requirements: journalism, graphic design, video editing, social media strategy, media relations, copywriting skills; DO NOT have to reside in Jabodetabek.


Development Affairs (DA)

  1. Assist to bring the organization closer to its long-term goals, which may include planning and executing change in strategy, restructuring, new initiatives, strategic partnerships for the organization.

  2. Plan a roadmap where IYD's activities come together and contribute to a set of well-defined long-term goals.

  3. Conduct desk research on current international and domestic issues related to youth,

  4. Compose monthly digests and deep dive to ongoing issues,

  5. Actively give feedback on IYD’s ongoing programme and organizational strategies,

  6. Seek partnership for social, grassroot programmes,

  7. Specific skills and requirements: strategic planning, organizational development, and partnerships. Candidates should be comfortable with conducting analysis and internal presentations. Research skills, interests in current international and domestic affairs are appreciated; DO NOT have to reside in Jabodetabek.


Business Affairs (BA)

  1. Conduct research and monitor CSRs and corporate programmes regarding youth and G20 issues,

  2. Actively seek to form new private partnerships and track happenings within the private sector that could affect IYD,

  3. Conduct both internal and external communications regarding business affairs,

  4. Engage internally with other IYD Board and Co-Chairs and assist business relations related work,

  5. Participate in financial matters, including budgeting and management in relations to business related work,

  6. Assess all business relations related to project performance and prepare a mini report post events for Business Relations Co-managers,

  7. Coordinate with Public Relations Co-Managers with business relations related work,

  8. Specific skills and requirements: prior experience in business affairs, must reside in Jabodetabek