Indonesian Delegation to the Y20 Summit 2017

2 June - 6 June 2017, Berlin - Germany


Hi all the fellow Indonesian youths, the result is out! After both long interviews and an intense deliberation about all the Top 12 Candidates, we have selected the final delegation!

As Germany only allows two representatives from each G20 members for the Summit, this year's application process has been the most intense we have ever experienced spanning two months and two stages. We are deeply honoured by all the hours that the applicants spent in perfecting their CVs, writing their essays, and preparing for their interviews. This year, we are proud to see a record 0.8% acceptance rate, showing real enthusiasm for our programs. Other than the applicants, Indonesian Youth Diplomacy (IYD) family would also like to express our highest appreciation to all of you who have shown genuine interests in representing Indonesia at the Y20 Summit 2017 in Germany.

In narrowing down from 240+ applicants to Top 12 to finally Top 2, the IYD Recruitment Team has gone through intensive evaluation stages during the grading round using clear indicators, long hours of deliberation, and eventually coming up with tough and informed decisions. Not only we ensure that process is fair, but we also committed ourselves to a transparent and robust approach until we reached into the final consensus. 

Please join us to welcome the Indonesian delegation to the Y20 Germany 2017! These two outstanding youths represent the top 0.8% from our 240+ application pool (out of 1,200+ interested applicants registered in the early round!) of the most promising Indonesia’s young leaders worldwide.

1. Melvin Hade

Melvin Hade (22) is a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, the leading global management consulting firm that serves many of the world’s most influential businesses, governments and institutions. At McKinsey, his experience include constructing a commercial acceleration strategy and formulating a corporate strategy blueprint for a leading telecommunication company in Asia. 

Prior to McKinsey, Melvin was an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Credit Suisse, Equity Research Intern at Mandiri Sekuritas, Research Assistant at Nanyang Technological University and Investment and FX Research Intern at the United Overseas Bank. In addition, major institutions and companies across Asia have granted him 4 distinct scholarships over the past 10 years. 

Melvin received his Bachelor of Economics from the University of Indonesia, where he graduated with Cum Laude honors in 3.5 years and was awarded with the Highest GPA Award at his study program. During his University, Melvin had won 4 national and international titles in the field of Model United Nations and have represented both his university and country for international conferences and competitions, including the Harvard National Model United Nations in 2015 and Open Government Partnership Conference in 2014. 

Melvin is also one of the Top 5 Graduates of the Young Leaders for Indonesia National program held by McKinsey & Company. 

2. Sherley Mega Sandiori

Sherley Mega Sandiori is a final year law student and the 2016 Most Outstanding Student of Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. As an aspiring public international lawyer, during her four year of study, she has immersed herself in many international law-related activities to increase her exposure to the real world prior to graduating.

Currently, she is the co-founder and Director of External Affairs of her UNICEF-funded social innovation that was later developed into a nonprofit organization, called 1000for1000. This youth-led organization aims to foster health services for locals in Kepulauan Seribu by increasing their health literacy as well as providing the health access they need.

Prior to concretely engage with the society, to sharpen her practical legal skills, she interned in a Magic Circle-affiliated law firm and another leading law firm specializing in dispute resolutions. Previously, she started her rally of accomplishments by receiving Diplomacy Award from the 2015 Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference in Perth, Australia. She also represented Universitas Indonesia in the 2016 Harvard National Model United Nations in Boston, USA. She was also awarded a gold medal in 2016 Asia Youth Leader for her concrete solutions in solving Bangkok’s Water Pollution Issue, presented before the Bangkok Metropolis Authority.

During her time in law school, she picked up a good amount of legal drafting skills, proven by her active participation in writing legal articles, a book chapter and in a national legal drafting competition concerning, again, international law.